Rhodian bounty hunter and scout


Mobek (7/20/12)
5th Level (3 Scout, 1 Scoundrel, 1 TBD)
Attributes: STR 13 (1), DEX 18 (4), CON 16 (3), INT 12 (1), WIS 10 (0) CHA 10 (0)
Speed 6, Base Attack +2, Force Points 8, Destiny Points 2, HP 50, Damage Threshold 18
Fort 18, Reflex 20, Will 14
Skills: Acrobatics +6, Climb +3, Endurance +10, Initiative +11, Jump +3, Mechanics +3, Perception +7, Pilot +11, Ride +4, Stealth +4, Survival +7, Swim +3, Use Computer +1
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Shake It Off, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons)
Talents: Awareness Tree – Acute Senses, Improved Initiative; Fortune Tree – Knack
Weapons: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Sporting Blaster Rifle, Knife
Gear: Electrobinoculars, Commlink, Video Recorder, Backpack, Extra Clothes, Gloves, Cold Weather Gear, All Temp Cloak, Liquid Rope, Synth Rope


Born into a great hunting clan on Rhodia, Mobek never quite fit in. He’d go on hunts, even take a target, but then something always went wrong. Usually it was Mobek’s own fault. Eventually, he became known as a jinx. The clan elders eventually voted to send Mobek out into the galaxy as a bounty hunter, knowing he would either be killed soon or just maybe develope some useful skills and not get his clan wiped out.

His clan had a secret stash of wealth, a great repository that was the source of his clan’s power. However, the clan leaders were killed in a clan war and the location of the secret stash was lost. It might just be Mobek’s destiny to find the clan’s wealth and return it to it’s rightful position. Or maybe not. Mobek’s not really that great.


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