Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

Dawn of Defiance - Episode 1

A Traitor's Gambit

For various reasons, the group has been on the the Sel Zonn XQ2 Space Platform orbiting the planet of Brentaal IV. Events take a turn when an obviously injured woman approaches Mobek, pleading for help and offering credits in return. Before anyone can respond, two Imperial Storm Troopers enter the Pavilion and demand the woman is handed over. Without waiting, the Storm Troopers begin shooting, and are quickly joined by two Imperial sympathizers.

The Troopers and Sympathizers are quickly dispatched and the injured woman quickly urges them to leave the scene. She leads the group to safe quarters, in one of the less well maintaned areas of the station. She identifies herself as Maya, a member of the Alderaanian Security Force. She was supposed to meet a droid named Switch who resides in Deep Storage Bay V14. Switch has information as to the location of cargo that was smuggled out from the Deep Core. Maya was supposed to contact Switch, recover the cargo, and deliver it to Senator Bail Organa.

The heroes make their way to Deep Storage Bay V14, to meet Switch, who turns out to be a protocol droid. A price for the location of the cargo is negotiated, along with possible ongoing employment and information exchange.

As the meeting concludes, a rival gang, along with it’s leader, Ganga Lor arrive to turn Switch into scrap. A shootout ensues, resulting in Switch being destroyed. Satisfied with the destruction of Switch, and not wishing to further risk his own life, Ganga Lor allows the heroes to leave.

The group makes their way back to the main levels to gather up Maya and make their way to the docking bay on Blue Deck where cargo is stored. The cargo bay is under Imperial guard and a shootout begins. Eventually the cargo is found. Captain Okeefe, in the employ of Maya, lands the Banshee in the docking bay allowing the heroes to escape.



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