Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

Mobek vs. Jar Jar(May 23, 2012)

The heroes make their way to the Warehouse district, where they have been tipped off that Warrick Raden basees his operation. The warehouse is marked with a wrecked speeder in the side.

The warehouse district is even less populated than other areas of Zarra. Only the sounds of a couple working excavtino droids.

The heroes find the warehouse and a brief fight breaks-out. Raden is protected by several bodyguards. During the fight, the excavation droids attack Iningo, Ur, and of course, Mobek. Raden quickloy sees the battle is not going his way attempts to flee but is quickly apprehended.

With a little intimidation and Jedi hand-waving, Raden is convinced to bring the heroes to Dargas palace.

The journey to the palace is a quick and windy ride through the ruins on Radens speeder. The palace is cleverly hidded among the ruins of several destroyed Neimodian palaces. The entrance to the palace is a pair of massive blast-doors, 5 meters in height.

Raden knocks and requests an audience with Darga to introduce the visitors. A small panel opens and a pair of red eyes, accomanied with a grevely voice speaks in Huttese: “You are in for it now, Raden. Darga is expecting visitors, all right, but these creatures are not them.” Raden appears terrified of meeting with Darga.

The heroes are brought before Darga and it is arranges that the heroes will stay as guests for a short time, in which Darga will determine their suitability to join his operation.

The Hutt speaks esclusively in Huttese, however a protocol droid with the designation of TC-663 translates. At a couple points in the evening, the heroes notice some odd inexplicable behavior of TC-663.

Darga decides a feast is in order. During the feast Darga asks a number of questions of the heroes: Exploits, where have they been and who have the worked for. The heroes sense that Darga is measuring their suitabilty to join his organization.

Darga is displeased with Raden revelaing his secret palace. Darga demands swift “justice”. Mobek offers to fight Raden, which seems to please Darga. However, Mobek is not up to the task. Ur steps in and makes quick work and beats Raden unconscious, but not dead. Kelara finishes hte job in cold blood.



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