Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

Mobek Did Not Get Shot

Activity starts to wind down in Darga’s court. The hero’s are given two rooms to share in the guest quarters, which are in a lower level of the audience chamger. Outside the door to the guest quarters, there is a secure turbolift. Gamorean guards pass through the guest quearters, at irregular intervals, to a lower level of the complex.

Ur asks some questions amognst Darga’s if anyne knows about his missing brother. No one does, however a Trandoshean by the name of Zeerk offers his services to find out more informatino.

Iningo and Mobek head out and explore Darga’s palace some more and head to the kitchens. Befriend one of the servents. Obtain some food for the evening and learn of the gladiator events to begin tomorrow.

While Iningo and Mobek are out exploring, Jarek goes into a trance to reflect upon recent events and hears a very faint whisper tugging at the back of his mind. Keilara hears further down off the guest quarters some loud Neimodian opera being played. Jarek and Kealara go to explore, and find an old Duros named Gome, who is surpirsed, but dissappointed they did not bring his evening meal.

After some brief questioning, it is discovered that Gome handles the money and business side of things for Darga’s organization. Keilara and Jarek decide it is best to let Iningo and Mobek to talk more with Gome.

After some questioning, and a very round-about conversation, Iningo and Mobek find out about how shortly after the Clone Wars, Darga acquired a Tibanna gas smuggling ring right after its leader was killed by Seperatist mercenaries. Since that time, Darga has managed to increase the output, all of which is being handed over to the Empire. This endeavor has become more profitable to Darga than even slave trading. The gas is refined on Bespin and loaded onto large transport ships above world. In return, Darga receives some goods, possibly slaves.

Iningo takes some images of the trading ledgers for later reference.

The next morning the gladiator games arrive. Darga is pleased to hear the heroes wish to participate, offering them the opportunity to fight his current champions. The prize for the winners is 1000 credits.

The heroes must face 3 Gamoreans, 1 Rodian along with his customized battle droid. The gladiator pit is set in what was once a large, probably very ornate garden. However it is now littered with little more than a few broken weapons, some rocks and blood.

The battle commences. Ur and Jarek quickly advance against the Gamoreans wielding vibroaxes. Ur takes the brunt of the Gamorean axes, but is able to stand firm. Jarek uses Iningo, Mobek and Keilara add supporting fire to finally dispense with the oppossing gladiators.

The heroes are now the current champions for Darga and he seems most pleased with how they performed. Battered and bruised, the heroes have survived thus far in the court of Darga.



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