Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

Cato Neimodia

The heroes have spent some time aboard the Resurgence, recovering from the rescue of Admiral Varth on Felucia.

The group is requested in the briefing room, where Captain Verena and Admiral Varth awaits. Admiral Varth is noticaly wearing the uniform of an Alderaan officer.

Admiral Varth explains about a secret project the Empire was involved in. Tremendous amounts of money and resources have been funneled through 3rd party entities: Crime Lords, fake contractors and the Corporate Sector. One such lead led them to Darga the Hutt, and up and coming crime lord currently residing on the city of Zarra on Cato Nemodia.

The heroes quickly leave aboard the Banshee, piloted by Captain Okeefe. The ship arrives without event.

Cato Neimodia is a shell of its former glory, devestated by the Clone Wars. Very little space traffic is visible and no Imperial presence can be seen. The great bridge cities are littered with ruins and craters from extended bombardments.

The gruop makes their way into the city. Pockets of commerce exist, but most citizens get by with the bare essentials. A cantina is found, owned by Krett. Iningo makes conversation with the owner, attempting to find additional information about Darga the Hutt. No information is immediatly divulged. The owner does reveal that he does have an on-world supplier, hwever that information will come with a price.

Jarik and Mobek head back to the Banshee to acquire some alcohol and some othe tradeable items. On their way, they are waylaid by a human Swoop Gang demanding an entrance fee into the fair city of Zarra. The gang is led by a human female. Despite Mobeks best attempt to cause trouble, Jarik is successfull in using his Jedi mind powers in persuading the leader that they already paid.

Things still go awray, however Iningo is able to further persuade the gang they they have wronged Darga the Hutt in some manner. The gang leaves the party without a fight. For now…

The trade goods are brought to Krett and after some negotiation he is convinced to reveal a name of Warrik “Womp Rat” Raden, who hides in the warehouse district.



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