Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

A Whale In Water (July 18, 2012)

While Iningo is spending time attempting to decrypt the data on the data pad, he hears intruders attempting to enter the room. Iningo opens the door and finds three Quarrens attempting to gain entry, two with blaster pistols at the ready. At about that time, the remainder of the heroes exit the elevator. The Quarrens attempt to flee but are caught.

One of the Quarens is captured and interogated. He was hired by Demos. The Quarren attemtps to contact Demos by comlink but is unsuccessfull.

It is very late at night, and the heroes must spend a little time sleeping. The remainder of the evening passes uneventfully. The heroes head back down to the dungeon and attack the Gamorrean guards. The water on the floor causes great difficulty for Ur.

The Gamorreans are dispactched and the Heroes discover a very dilapitaded medical lab with an older female Jedi. She is being held in a forced coma and is the source of the whispers Jarek heard originated from her. She is unhooked from the machine and slowly gains consciousness. Her name is Denia and has been held here in a coma for quite some time. She knows nothing of Order 66 and the conclusion of the Clone Wars or of the Rise of the Empire.

A secret passage is discovered and Iningo finds that it leads to the audience chamber. The heroes overhear what appears to be a meeting. Demos, along with a Trandoshan bodyguard and three humans are speaking to a holographic image of a tall man in dark robes with a lightsaber at his belt.

“I have convinced the Hutt to attend some business on Bespin”, says the Neimodian Major Domo.

“I am on my way abourd the Assidious to collect the Jedi.”, says the robed figure.

The hologram fades and is replaced by a quiet conversation.

The heroes decide this is their best opportunity for escape. Jarek leaps from the secret passage and calls upon the Force to cover the distance. Caught completely unawares, Demos is cut in half by the brutal assault.

The remainder of the group, with Denia carried by Ur, quickly dispatch the Trandoshan and three humans.

The groups exits Darga’s Palace and radio for Captain O’Keefe. As they break atmosphere, and prepare for hyperspace, the all to familiar wedge shape of a Star Destroyer exits hyperspace.



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