Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

A Whale In Water (July 18, 2012)

While Iningo is spending time attempting to decrypt the data on the data pad, he hears intruders attempting to enter the room. Iningo opens the door and finds three Quarrens attempting to gain entry, two with blaster pistols at the ready. At about that time, the remainder of the heroes exit the elevator. The Quarrens attempt to flee but are caught.

One of the Quarens is captured and interogated. He was hired by Demos. The Quarren attemtps to contact Demos by comlink but is unsuccessfull.

It is very late at night, and the heroes must spend a little time sleeping. The remainder of the evening passes uneventfully. The heroes head back down to the dungeon and attack the Gamorrean guards. The water on the floor causes great difficulty for Ur.

The Gamorreans are dispactched and the Heroes discover a very dilapitaded medical lab with an older female Jedi. She is being held in a forced coma and is the source of the whispers Jarek heard originated from her. She is unhooked from the machine and slowly gains consciousness. Her name is Denia and has been held here in a coma for quite some time. She knows nothing of Order 66 and the conclusion of the Clone Wars or of the Rise of the Empire.

A secret passage is discovered and Iningo finds that it leads to the audience chamber. The heroes overhear what appears to be a meeting. Demos, along with a Trandoshan bodyguard and three humans are speaking to a holographic image of a tall man in dark robes with a lightsaber at his belt.

“I have convinced the Hutt to attend some business on Bespin”, says the Neimodian Major Domo.

“I am on my way abourd the Assidious to collect the Jedi.”, says the robed figure.

The hologram fades and is replaced by a quiet conversation.

The heroes decide this is their best opportunity for escape. Jarek leaps from the secret passage and calls upon the Force to cover the distance. Caught completely unawares, Demos is cut in half by the brutal assault.

The remainder of the group, with Denia carried by Ur, quickly dispatch the Trandoshan and three humans.

The groups exits Darga’s Palace and radio for Captain O’Keefe. As they break atmosphere, and prepare for hyperspace, the all to familiar wedge shape of a Star Destroyer exits hyperspace.

Mobek Did Not Get Shot

Activity starts to wind down in Darga’s court. The hero’s are given two rooms to share in the guest quarters, which are in a lower level of the audience chamger. Outside the door to the guest quarters, there is a secure turbolift. Gamorean guards pass through the guest quearters, at irregular intervals, to a lower level of the complex.

Ur asks some questions amognst Darga’s if anyne knows about his missing brother. No one does, however a Trandoshean by the name of Zeerk offers his services to find out more informatino.

Iningo and Mobek head out and explore Darga’s palace some more and head to the kitchens. Befriend one of the servents. Obtain some food for the evening and learn of the gladiator events to begin tomorrow.

While Iningo and Mobek are out exploring, Jarek goes into a trance to reflect upon recent events and hears a very faint whisper tugging at the back of his mind. Keilara hears further down off the guest quarters some loud Neimodian opera being played. Jarek and Kealara go to explore, and find an old Duros named Gome, who is surpirsed, but dissappointed they did not bring his evening meal.

After some brief questioning, it is discovered that Gome handles the money and business side of things for Darga’s organization. Keilara and Jarek decide it is best to let Iningo and Mobek to talk more with Gome.

After some questioning, and a very round-about conversation, Iningo and Mobek find out about how shortly after the Clone Wars, Darga acquired a Tibanna gas smuggling ring right after its leader was killed by Seperatist mercenaries. Since that time, Darga has managed to increase the output, all of which is being handed over to the Empire. This endeavor has become more profitable to Darga than even slave trading. The gas is refined on Bespin and loaded onto large transport ships above world. In return, Darga receives some goods, possibly slaves.

Iningo takes some images of the trading ledgers for later reference.

The next morning the gladiator games arrive. Darga is pleased to hear the heroes wish to participate, offering them the opportunity to fight his current champions. The prize for the winners is 1000 credits.

The heroes must face 3 Gamoreans, 1 Rodian along with his customized battle droid. The gladiator pit is set in what was once a large, probably very ornate garden. However it is now littered with little more than a few broken weapons, some rocks and blood.

The battle commences. Ur and Jarek quickly advance against the Gamoreans wielding vibroaxes. Ur takes the brunt of the Gamorean axes, but is able to stand firm. Jarek uses Iningo, Mobek and Keilara add supporting fire to finally dispense with the oppossing gladiators.

The heroes are now the current champions for Darga and he seems most pleased with how they performed. Battered and bruised, the heroes have survived thus far in the court of Darga.

Mobek vs. Jar Jar(May 23, 2012)

The heroes make their way to the Warehouse district, where they have been tipped off that Warrick Raden basees his operation. The warehouse is marked with a wrecked speeder in the side.

The warehouse district is even less populated than other areas of Zarra. Only the sounds of a couple working excavtino droids.

The heroes find the warehouse and a brief fight breaks-out. Raden is protected by several bodyguards. During the fight, the excavation droids attack Iningo, Ur, and of course, Mobek. Raden quickloy sees the battle is not going his way attempts to flee but is quickly apprehended.

With a little intimidation and Jedi hand-waving, Raden is convinced to bring the heroes to Dargas palace.

The journey to the palace is a quick and windy ride through the ruins on Radens speeder. The palace is cleverly hidded among the ruins of several destroyed Neimodian palaces. The entrance to the palace is a pair of massive blast-doors, 5 meters in height.

Raden knocks and requests an audience with Darga to introduce the visitors. A small panel opens and a pair of red eyes, accomanied with a grevely voice speaks in Huttese: “You are in for it now, Raden. Darga is expecting visitors, all right, but these creatures are not them.” Raden appears terrified of meeting with Darga.

The heroes are brought before Darga and it is arranges that the heroes will stay as guests for a short time, in which Darga will determine their suitability to join his operation.

The Hutt speaks esclusively in Huttese, however a protocol droid with the designation of TC-663 translates. At a couple points in the evening, the heroes notice some odd inexplicable behavior of TC-663.

Darga decides a feast is in order. During the feast Darga asks a number of questions of the heroes: Exploits, where have they been and who have the worked for. The heroes sense that Darga is measuring their suitabilty to join his organization.

Darga is displeased with Raden revelaing his secret palace. Darga demands swift “justice”. Mobek offers to fight Raden, which seems to please Darga. However, Mobek is not up to the task. Ur steps in and makes quick work and beats Raden unconscious, but not dead. Kelara finishes hte job in cold blood.

Cato Neimodia

The heroes have spent some time aboard the Resurgence, recovering from the rescue of Admiral Varth on Felucia.

The group is requested in the briefing room, where Captain Verena and Admiral Varth awaits. Admiral Varth is noticaly wearing the uniform of an Alderaan officer.

Admiral Varth explains about a secret project the Empire was involved in. Tremendous amounts of money and resources have been funneled through 3rd party entities: Crime Lords, fake contractors and the Corporate Sector. One such lead led them to Darga the Hutt, and up and coming crime lord currently residing on the city of Zarra on Cato Nemodia.

The heroes quickly leave aboard the Banshee, piloted by Captain Okeefe. The ship arrives without event.

Cato Neimodia is a shell of its former glory, devestated by the Clone Wars. Very little space traffic is visible and no Imperial presence can be seen. The great bridge cities are littered with ruins and craters from extended bombardments.

The gruop makes their way into the city. Pockets of commerce exist, but most citizens get by with the bare essentials. A cantina is found, owned by Krett. Iningo makes conversation with the owner, attempting to find additional information about Darga the Hutt. No information is immediatly divulged. The owner does reveal that he does have an on-world supplier, hwever that information will come with a price.

Jarik and Mobek head back to the Banshee to acquire some alcohol and some othe tradeable items. On their way, they are waylaid by a human Swoop Gang demanding an entrance fee into the fair city of Zarra. The gang is led by a human female. Despite Mobeks best attempt to cause trouble, Jarik is successfull in using his Jedi mind powers in persuading the leader that they already paid.

Things still go awray, however Iningo is able to further persuade the gang they they have wronged Darga the Hutt in some manner. The gang leaves the party without a fight. For now…

The trade goods are brought to Krett and after some negotiation he is convinced to reveal a name of Warrik “Womp Rat” Raden, who hides in the warehouse district.

Dawn of Defiance - Episode 1
A Traitor's Gambit

For various reasons, the group has been on the the Sel Zonn XQ2 Space Platform orbiting the planet of Brentaal IV. Events take a turn when an obviously injured woman approaches Mobek, pleading for help and offering credits in return. Before anyone can respond, two Imperial Storm Troopers enter the Pavilion and demand the woman is handed over. Without waiting, the Storm Troopers begin shooting, and are quickly joined by two Imperial sympathizers.

The Troopers and Sympathizers are quickly dispatched and the injured woman quickly urges them to leave the scene. She leads the group to safe quarters, in one of the less well maintaned areas of the station. She identifies herself as Maya, a member of the Alderaanian Security Force. She was supposed to meet a droid named Switch who resides in Deep Storage Bay V14. Switch has information as to the location of cargo that was smuggled out from the Deep Core. Maya was supposed to contact Switch, recover the cargo, and deliver it to Senator Bail Organa.

The heroes make their way to Deep Storage Bay V14, to meet Switch, who turns out to be a protocol droid. A price for the location of the cargo is negotiated, along with possible ongoing employment and information exchange.

As the meeting concludes, a rival gang, along with it’s leader, Ganga Lor arrive to turn Switch into scrap. A shootout ensues, resulting in Switch being destroyed. Satisfied with the destruction of Switch, and not wishing to further risk his own life, Ganga Lor allows the heroes to leave.

The group makes their way back to the main levels to gather up Maya and make their way to the docking bay on Blue Deck where cargo is stored. The cargo bay is under Imperial guard and a shootout begins. Eventually the cargo is found. Captain Okeefe, in the employ of Maya, lands the Banshee in the docking bay allowing the heroes to escape.


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